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3040 Knight and Lady on white background

Not for sale

0081 Taverna, Eretria

Catalogue no.0081
For sale

0169 Costume Sketches I (for Petrouschka)

Catalogue no.169
On loan

0708 Hippolytus (first)

Catalogue no.0708
Not for sale

0203 Eretria Waterfront with net-mender

Catalogue no.0203
For sale

0237 Pub Scene

Catalogue no.237

0704 Moving Figures

Catalogue no.704
Not for sale

0705 Two horses

Catalogue no.705
Not for sale

0707 Landscape

Catalogue no.707
For sale

0709 Sewing Machine

Catalogue no.709
For sale

0710 Oil on back

Catalogue no.0710
Not for sale

0714 Study for Holy Family

Catalogue no.0714
Not for sale

3760 Apple Pickers

Catalogue no.3760
Not for sale

0026 Passion Alley

Catalogue no.0026

0712 Swans

Catalogue no.0567
For sale

0019 Oudewesterkirk

Catalogue no.0019
Not for sale

0721 Square Experiment

Catalogue no.0721
For sale

0049 Greek Farm Cart

Catalogue no.0049

0091 Red Crane

Catalogue no.0091

0092 Magherbruek (Amsterdam)

Catalogue no.0092